Frequently Asked Questions about Skrill

Who is Skrill?

Skrill is one of the largest online payment providers offering more than 100 local payment options in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Currently over 50,000 merchants are using this payment solution. Skrill satisfies the need for consumers to have a safe means of paying online without revealing their financial details. Skrill is very cost effective and therefore a clear alternative to other payment providers.

Since has chosen Skrill as an integrated alternative payment provider for eBay checkout (besides PayPal), the highly secure and user-friendly Skrill payment service has been customized to fit the eBay environment, bringing buyers and sellers one of the most effective and quickest ways to accept and make payments on the marketplace.

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How long has Skrill been in business?

Skrill Ltd. was founded in 2001 in London (UK). Since then, Skrill has evolved into a company with three international offices (London, Sofia, New York) and nearly 400 employees.

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What services does Skrill offer to eBay sellers?

Skrill is THE cost-effective alternative payment method on Skrill has created a payment solution and acceptance service that is specifically designed for the needs of an auction marketplace like eBay. With Skrill it is possible to offer credit card, debits card and bank transfers and other 100 local payment options through one single interface. Payments can be received from almost every corner in the world - with Skrill, auctions can finally benefit from the Internet's biggest advantage: being borderless.

Your care free solution: One contract and one interface. The solution includes a straight forward sign-up process. If the seller has selected Skrill as a payment method, the buyer will find Skrill in the item description as well as in the checkout flow. Additionally, it features an instant notification of the success of a payment – allowing for faster shipment of the goods.

Free of charge risk checks and anti-fraud management: Skrill conducts a diligent risk assessment on all payments to safeguard both buyers and sellers.  Skrill adheres to the highest industry standards for security of capture, processing and storage of payment, financial and personal information.

Moreover, a no-chargeback policy can be provided upon request and you can benefit from a free customer and merchant support.

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What benefits does Skrill offer to eBay buyers?

  • International reach: Through Skrill Buyers from all around the world can choose between 100 different local payment options and local bank transfers. Skrill enables credit card processing from over 200 countries and territories and accepts more the 41 currencies.

  • Security: Buyers don’t need to disclose their credit card details to merchants – they are processed safely via Skrill, ensuring highest security standards. Skrill utilizes the latest fraud protection technology for its processing and has a highly trained risk and anti-fraud team to uncover fraudulent activity immediately.

  • Timely Processing: Skrill notifies the seller immediately once a payment has been authorized which enables every seller to ship the goods faster to the recipient.

  • Free of charge: The Skrill payment service is free of charge for the buyer.

  • Great Deals & Smarter Shopping: Skrill’ payment solution is integrated on over 50,000 online-stores worldwide, many of them offering special terms for Skrill customers.

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How does Skrill compare to PayPal?

Skrill is THE very cost-effective alternative to PayPal

Merchants choose Skrill because it offers the most comprehensive network of payment options at a very low cost and, because of its sophisticated anti-fraud and risk management technology. Skrill is currently used by more than 9 million people worldwide. We outscore the competition in customer satisfactory surveys and have been chosen by more than 50,000 merchants as their payment provider of choice – including eBay and Skype.

Skrill also provides an alternative to users who don’t want to pay with PayPal and is THE tool to address the non-PayPal buyer community.

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Is Skrill fully integrated into the eBay checkout process?

Skrill is fully integrated into the eBay checkout process. If the seller has selected Skrill as a payment option when setting up the auction on, the buyer can choose to pay for the purchased product via the Skrill service on eBay checkout. Skrill has streamlined the process and integration to ensure the highest level of convenience and conversion without any sacrifices regarding security.

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Can I use Skrill on a local eBay page (,…)?

Skrill is an officially eBay accepted payment method. Therefore, you can offer your eBay clients all around the world to use Skrill for their payments. Skrill will appear as a payment option right under your listing choices only on, but on every local eBay site you can use your email address, which will be your Skrill “account number”. Your customers can directly send the money to your email address, which will be instantaneously reflected on your Skrill account.

For selected countries Skrill offers a completely integrated solution to all eBay sellers through local partners. For you can activate Skrill in your auction software programme through our partners Afterbuy, Auktion Master, Plenty Markets and Dreamrobot.

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Is Skrill safe? How do you ensure that the personal data of your customers is not shared/stolen?

Skrill systems are developed with the same demands on security and performance as the sites used for bank services and share trading. It uses only the most modern security technology: account login, personal details and all money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 256bit encryption, certified by VeriSign. While online shopping is growing extensively, Skrill is also seeing an increasing level of concern for online fraud and identity theft. What people are really looking for is a safe and convenient way to pay online. With Skrill, customers store their data once and never need to reveal it again at any online website. Furthermore, Skrill employs a large team of highly trained risk and fraud experts that constantly monitor all transactions for fraudulent activities, using state-of-the-art technology and tools. As soon as any suspicion arises, the risk & fraud team conducts an in-depth analysis until the suspicion is either confirmed or eliminated. Skrill is working very closely with the relevant authorities. Offenders are always prosecuted.

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How does a seller register for Skrill?

Go to and register for your new Skrill account. After having entered the necessary information on the sign up page, you need to gp to your profile. There you will find the link to “enable” eBay.

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How quickly are sellers activated?

After you have completed the authentication process, where you will be asked to identify your address, credit/debit card or bank account, you will be automatically directed to You just need to confirm that you would like to link the two accounts, and then you can start listing an item and get paid through Skrill.

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What payment options does Skrill support?

With Skrill it is possible to offer credit card payments, domestic and international bank transfer, cheque and many more local payment options.

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How can I list an item on eBay with Skrill as a payment option?

Log on to your eBay account on Follow the process initiated through the link “sell item” on your task list. Under the section “Create your listing”, select “More listing choices”.

Under “Decide how you’d like to be paid”, click on “add or remove options” in the top yellow box. You will see a pop up window where you need to check Skrill as a payment option. Click on “save” and then check the Skrill box on the main screen again. Skrill will then appear on your listing description and on the checkout page.

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What are the advantages of selling on

International trading on eBay enables you to sell all around the globe. Currently, eBay has a global presence in 37 markets and 88.4 million active users, which you can all reach through

You can increase your customer base and promote your products to a worldwide audience. This will result in higher revenues and increase in profits.

Moreover, the payment process is better integrated than on local eBay pages and highly user friendly. Skrill aggregates your international payments through more than 100 local payment options and credit card processing in over 200 countries and territories.  is The World's Online Marketplace®, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis!

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How easy is it for the buyer to make a payment?

Skrill wants to make the payment process as easy and hassle-free as possible.  The customer just enters the requested payment details as name, payment type and billing address on the Skrill’ optimized gateway, confirms and pays.

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Will Skrill be facilitating payments for mature or adult content?

No, according to its acceptable use policy, Skrill will not process transactions for purchasing mature or adult content.

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If an eBay seller only offers Skrill as a payment method, will their eBay PowerSeller status be negatively impacted?

Not at all.  According to eBay’s new Accepted Payments Policy, PowerSellers will be required to offer at least one of the following payment methods:

  • Skrill

  • PayPal™

  • Paymate

  • Propay

  • Direct credit or debit card payment to their Internet Merchant Account

If at least one of these payment methods is offered, there will be no negative impact on the PowerSeller status.