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Whether you are making payments, sending or receiving money online, with Skrill you only need an email address and a password. No need to carry all your payment details around and repeatedly type them in. With one free account you get:

Digital Wallet

The Skrill Digital Wallet offers the safety and convenience of online payments with only an email address and password. Welcome to the next generation of online payments.


Our security measures are designed to do just one thing. Keep you safe. Along with the highest encryption standards, we continually update our system to tackle emerging threats. Which means you and your money are protected.

Shop Online

Every day more and more merchants accept Skrill payment. So you can pay directly and securely without revealing your bank or credit card details. Visit our shopping directory today to see where you can shop and discover some fantastic exclusive offers.

Transfer Money Internationally

Can't pop into your local bank? Don't want to spend a fortune in transfer and exchange fees? This is your low cost solution for sending and receiving funds internationally, whether it's family, friends or simply to your own bank account when you're abroad in over 40 currencies.


Everybody seems to offer low introductory rates, we like to keep our fees constantly low and totally transparent.

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