Lunaphone  EN 
Make quality calls to any country using your computer! No hidden charges, you pay only for the minutes you use!

Jajah  EN 
VoIP provider launches revolutionary new service: Web-activated telephony, no installation, no headset necessary. Simple as ordinary phone calls.

PC-Telephone  EN  DE  FR  ES  IT  PL  GR  RO  RU  TR 
Make FREE PC-to-PC and cheap PC-to-Phone/Fax calls over Internet or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks  EN 
MediaRing® PC Phone is a high quality voice service for PC users to make international calls without the elevated cost of traditional IDD providers

Connexphone  EN 
ConnexPhone offers low cost long distance callback services, including postpaid and prepaid callback cards for worldwide community.

TerraSip  EN  DE  ES  IT  PL 
VoWLAN, Mobile Voice over IP community, talk for free worldwide, download Softphone for free, WiFi Phone SIP Ata Adapter

Raketu  EN  RU 
RakOut with Raketu! More than just a softphone, cheap rates, more functions than you can dream about, NO SUPERNODES, free to download!

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