What is ChristmasMoney?
    ChristmasMoney is money you send for Christmas to your friends and family via Moneybookers.
ChristmasMoney is ideal for you, if you :

  • ...did not find the right present for your friends.
  • ...forgot about buying presents at all.
  • ...are just tired of finding presents.
This year Moneybookers helps you with the Christmas struggle! - Send ChristmasMoney now!

Your advantages:

  • The money will be send out in a specially designed Christmas email.
  • Schedule your ChristmasMoney to be send on Christmas day (or any other day, if you like).
  • Send ChristmasMoney in any of our 30 currencies.
  • Send ChristmasMoney to your friends worldwide - they do not need to have a Moneybookers account yet, just a valid email address!
  • You can send ChristmasMoney right away - the recipient will receive it in seconds.
This is how it works to send ChristmasMoney:

1. Log in to you Moneybookers account.
2. Select SEND MONEY in the navigation.
3. Pick the amount and currency you want to send.
4. Click on SCHEDULE PAYMENTS if the payment should NOT be send right away (optional).
5. Select the execution date (optional), the recipients email address, the subject and the message.
6. Click on NEXT, review your data and click on SEND.

Send ChristmasMoney to your friends and family now!