Skrill in partnership with offers you special rates starting from for your online shop

How to enable Skrill

Open a Skrill Account
Account Activation
Implement Skrill

1. Open a Skrill Account

Sign up for a Skrill account. This takes two minutes and will ask you for some basic information.

2. Account Activation

Once you have opened a Skrill account we will automatically activate it for you within 2 working days. Behind the scenes we will be checking a few things just to ensure that your business is in line with our standard terms and conditions.

3. Implement Skrill

Once you have got your Skrill account activated you need to activate Skrill processing within , to do this you need to log into the merchant tools section of your Skrill account and enter a secret word (different from your password), then log back into your shop and complete the integration.

Merchant requirements